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Bestanonymouscasinos.com respects your privacy and endeavors to ensure its protection. However, by visiting our website, Bestanonymouscasinos.com, you consent to the principles outlined in this privacy policy. You can learn more about the data we collect, what we use it for, our disclosure policies, and the measures we implement to keep this data protected.

The Particulars We Collect

When you visit Bestanonymouscasinos.com, we may gather specific information from you, including:

Details You Share

This refers to any information you divulge while on the site or by filling in forms or subscriptions, including your full name, telephone number, email address, physical address, or business address.

Log and Usage Information

When you visit our website, the system automatically collects certain data parcels. This information is more specific to your device and includes details like your IP address (which identifies your global location), the browser and operating system your device uses, and referring URLs. This information highlights data for us, like where you’re from, whether we need to optimize our website to better suit specific devices and operating systems, and how you found out about our website.

We use this data to perform routine checks on our system and to streamline our website’s performance, thereby providing you with a better online experience.

Our Information Collection Systems

We use several methods to gather the data referenced above. These include:

Notifications and Newsletter Subscriptions

We may offer newsletters or notifications to which you can subscribe. When you complete the information required on the registration forms that provide access to these features, we may store the data you provide. However, should you wish, you may unsubscribe from these offerings.


Bestanonymouscasinos.com uses cookies, which are small text files that hold data like a username and password. The website uses cookies to recognize your device and web browser when you next visit.

Sites may also use cookies to help them customize their offerings to each individual who visits the site. In our case, we use cookies to highlight reviews, articles, and guides similar to others you may have viewed on our site previously that you may find interesting.

While cookies aim to help you get the best possible experience of our website, you are not required to use them. If you prefer not to use cookies on our website, you can adjust your cookies preferences in your browser’s settings.

Please note, however, that we may also allow third-party advertisers to include their cookies on our website. However, our privacy policy does not cover these third-party cookies, which are covered instead by the privacy policies of these third-party advertisers.

Disclosure of Information with Marketing Partners and Your Consent to Co-Registration

Bestanonymouscasinos.com occasionally works with marketing partners to bring you exciting promotional offers. Since these are joint endeavors, co-registration is often part of these offerings. Co-registration refers to an instance where we disclose any details you share with us when registering for these offers, with the marketing partner/s working with us on that particular promotion.

However, please note that these marketing partners have their own privacy policies that exist independently of those of Bestanonymouscasinos.com. As such, you must contact our third-party marketing partners separately if you wish to deregister from the offers they provide.

Included Content from Alternate Websites and Advertisers

Since we work with various marketers and advertisers, our reviews, guides, and articles may contain embedded content from these third parties, such as audio clips, videos, graphics, images, and links to external websites.

These embedded elements function in the same manner as the websites they originate from. In other words, they offer cookies, gather data, and monitor your interaction with them.

With that being said, please note that Bestanonymouscasinos.com is not liable or responsible for the practices, policies, or content these third-party sites provide. Clicking these links and visiting the third-party sites affiliated with them is done at your own discretion.

How We Use Your Data

While the notion of data collection may seem concerning or appear to violate your right to privacy, there is no harmful intention behind the accrual of this information. Bestanonymouscasinos.com collects this data to provide you with a more customized experience of our website and offer you access to services that meet your needs. Below, we outline the ways in which we use this collected data.

  • To measure the offerings and performance of our website and services and adjust these when and where applicable.
  • Our goal is to streamline our website and provide features, functionality, and a user experience that meets your needs as a consumer.
  • To maintain and continually improve our customer services, ensuring efficient and helpful responses and resolutions to all inquiries.
  • To continually upgrade our services and content through detailed research and analysis of our users’ trends and patterns.
  • To warrant full compliance with all legal duties.
  • To uphold and maintain our terms of use to provide a safe online experience for all who visit and enjoy our website.

The Disclosure of Gathered Information

By using Bestanonymouscasinos.com and our services, you consent to the disclosure of all collected data. Recipients with whom we share this information include but are not limited to:

  • All third-party marketing partners responsible for promotional campaigns and offers made available on our website for which you register.
  • Third-party advertisers and providers who supply and maintain analytics regarding usage patterns and information tracking.
  • Third-party service providers that maintain and oversee our services and website.
  • Legal authorities in circumstances where the law requires our cooperation or to protect the best interests, rights, and safety of our employees and organization.

How Long Your Data is Stored

Any data collected when you register to receive notifications or newsletters is kept and stored until you opt out of these services by unsubscribing.

If you have accepted our cookies, you can remove them and any information they collect by customizing your cookie preferences or clearing the cookies from your device’s browser system.

What Are My Rights Regarding My Information?

You have rights regarding any data collected by Bestanonymouscasinos.com in the instance where you may have interacted on our website, registered for notifications or newsletters, or signed up for a promotional offer in connection with one of our third-party marketers or advertisers.

You may request an export file outlining all the data provided through these actions which we have gathered. However, please note that you may only request details pertaining to data regarding your particular person, as we are not permitted to share that of others.

Additionally, you are within your rights to request the removal and deletion of all personal information accumulated by Bestanonymouscasinos.com, except for any data required for legal, administrative, or security purposes.

Privacy of Individuals Under 18 Years of Age

Bestanonymouscasinos.com and its content are not created nor intended for online users under the age of 18. As such, minors’ data is collected unwittingly and unintentionally when they access the website. In such a case, please contact us without hesitation.

Revisions to this Privacy Policy

Bestanonymouscasinos.com has the legal right to alter, amend, or edit this privacy policy should the need arise. However, we will highlight and reference all changes to this policy here. As such, we recommend visiting this page regularly to keep updated on any amendments imposed.

We value your privacy and the right to the protection of your data, which we endeavor to respect and safeguard at every turn.

Contact Us

Please contact us for further assistance if you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy or the information referenced herein.


Callum Turner
Callum Turner

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