Carl Froch Interview: If Mike Tyson Bites Jake Paul’s Ear Off It Will Be Legendary

Owen Fulda

In an exclusive interview with, former boxing world champion Carl Froch claims it would be legendary if Mike Tyson repeated his barbaric ear biting antics on Jake Paul when they fight on July 20th…

  • Frustrated Tyson may be tempted to BITE Paul’s ear off
  • Contract states Tyson will get paid LESS if fight is over quickly
  • I nibbled Andre Ward’s ear but apologised to him after the fight


Carl Froch: “Mike Tyson is a bit of a livewire and you can only frustrate him for so long before he does something about it. I felt like biting Andre Ward’s ear off, I gave it a little nibble – I apologised after the fight because I was so frustrated, but I would’ve never ripped it out or taken a chunk out like Tyson did because I’m not a lunatic. I was like; ‘Stop holding me’, because you can’t do anything. So I get where Tyson’s coming from – it’s just instinctive. If Tyson bites Jake Paul’s ear off that would be legendary!”

Rapid Victory Would See Mike Tyson Get Paid Less

Carl Froch says he’s heard there are contract stipulations which mean Mike Tyson would be financially penalised if he knocks Jake Paul out in the early rounds of their exhibition bout;

Carl Froch: “From what I’m hearing with the contracts, allegedly, he gets paid less if he wins in round one, Tyson, or if he gets a knockout he gets paid even less. There’s restrictions in his contract based on how he wins. I don’t know if it’s been confirmed, but I’ve read somewhere that there’s a clause in his contract that means he’s going to earn less money if he goes out there and destroys Jake Paul. I just hope he lands a couple of shots and puts Jake Paul in his place, but unfortunately I think it’s pre-scripted, I think Mike Tyson’s going to play the game, and he’s 58 when he gets in the ring.”

‘Disgusting’ Tyson vs Paul fight shouldn’t be happening at all

Froch is furious that 27-year-old Jake Paul has been granted a licence to fight Tyson, who is 30 years his senior. The Cobra says he will refuse to watch it;

Carl Froch: “The Jake Paul – Mike Tyson fight shouldn’t be happening at all, it’s not a professional boxing match, it’s an exhibition. I reckon Jake Paul is a massive favourite in a shambles of an exhibition which I think shouldn’t be happening, I think it’s disgusting, but I’ve made my point quite clear. Jake Paul, pricking around trying to promote the show, it’s embarrassing. I’m not gonna watch it, I’m gonna refuse to watch it. I’m not getting involved in it.”

Owen Fulda
Owen Fulda

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